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About East Oxford Community Association

We provide opportunities for education, recreation, leisure and social welfare.

We prioritise those who are socially disadvantaged in our local community.

The objects of East Oxford Community Association are:

The advancement of citizenship and community development, the provision of recreational facilities and the organisation of recreational activities with the object of improving the conditions of life of the inhabitants of East Oxford and its environs in the City of Oxford.

We offer a wide range of events, services and other activities often in partnership with other local community groups with whom we have formed strong connections over the past 45 years and with partners who are relatively new to us.

Events organised by EOCA or in partnership with other organisations include working with many others each year to make the EOCC contribution to the famous Cowley Road Carnival a welcoming, inclusive, joyful and accessible celebration.

EOCA hold very popular periodic community lunches aided by the Oxford Food Bank, the Oxford Food Surplus Café and individual volunteers with the help of generous local business people and many others.

We support the Afrikan and Caribbean Kultural Heritage Initiative (ACKHI) Black History and Windrush projects with small grants and practical assistance.

We support BKLUWO Women's Project based at EOCC which was started by refugee women from Northern Uganda to provide support for each other. They are now open to all women for IT access, crafts, meetings, activities and support.

We support The Oxford Kurdish Association (OKA) and the Oxford Timorese Community Association (OTCA) in their community development and support work.

Future Developments

We hope to sponsor and develop more regular and externally funded advice services and sponsorship for ESOL Classes for workers in East Oxford who are not able to access the normal services.

Supporting local micro business, up cycling, repairing, recycling, fundraising, confidence building and skill development with craft fairs and general markets, which promote locally produced fare including tasty, freshly cooked Caribbean meals from Taste of the Tropics and a whole range of stalls.

EOCA provides both regular and drop in services based on our research and are highly responsive to need. One regular service is the very popular 50 Plus Club,

The Club meets 11am-2pm on Mondays in school term time. All are welcome in the EOCC Lounge at for a weekly drop in and craft work session . Regulars and those who prefer to just call in. (More volunteers are also always needed). Crafts, board games, visits outings and other activities.

Advice and Advocacy

EOCA provides a discreet and bespoke advice, advocacy and coaching service for migrants workers, individuals and small (often family) groups who find it difficult to ac-cess normal advice services This service is regular or drop in for people struggling with language, online gate-ways, or IT systems .

Digital Inclusion

Residency registration, language issues and computer skills. Setting up and teaching how to use Email accounts, Government Gateway Accounts setup and access. Applications, questions and correspondence with employers, landlords, HMRC, NHS and the local authority.

Community IT Consultancy and Design

EOCA provides a Community IT consultancy and Design Services for community organisations., progressive campaigning and Social Groups. We assist community organisations, social groups, campaigns and non-profit societies with IT and design services for the production of leaflets, posters placards, banners and other materials in printed or electronic formats including social media.

Events and Meetings Facilitation

EOCA facilitate meeting arrangements and help to co-ordinate activities, events and celebrations.

These are just some of the things we do.

Thanks to our long and unique history in East Oxford we are able to network with and sign post to many different resources, organisations, individuals, public, voluntary and commercial.

You can help us to keep this precious, community based work going and to expand our capacity by attending events, becoming members with decision making powers, using our services, and/or donating time, skills or money.